It is early April and the Jays are opening their season in New York.

The first week of baseball is full of hope and enthusiasm.  Every team has a chance to go to the world series, so every opening home game, regardless of the weather, is sold out.

This year the Jays opened in New York.  Now as everyone knows, the Yankees are the Evil Empire of baseball.

Darth Vader would have been the first baseman, and we all recognize Boba Fett in A-Rod.  I could go on.

If you are a Jays fan, that is the way you vision the Yankees.  They are evil and outspend all the other teams to hire away any player that starts to get good.

So this season we have a glorious start.  Opening series and the Jays win 2 out of three (and only reason the evil Yankees won a game is because of the Sith)

I remember the 1984 opening week for the Jays in the old Exhibition Stadium.  First day everyone showed up but with the snow and freezing weather no one wanted to go.

At the time I was a Gulf Oil sales manager for Ontario and I would be given the tickets for our Executive seats behind home base and told to give to customers.  Instead I would take my sales guys because they were afternoon games so no hope at finding anyone that would go.  No one else would sit on crappy metal seats at 3 C  in those stands even with the offer of free beer except myself and a few chosen people.  Granted as the sleet came down and the team would fall behind, I did not always make it to the end of the game.  I attribute that to having a young family in Markham.

So I am watching the Jays kick butt in New York this week with the 48 F temperature and watching their avid fans flee and just say.. True fans live through the bad weather.  Nothing better then winning the opening series against the evil Yankees at Yankee stadium.