When Pat and I first visited Vancouver Island, you could find lots of fresh salmon sold at the side of the road or in local markets.

This was unusual for me because I thought Salmon came in little round tins the way I remembered from growing up in Regina.

After we moved here in 2008 we could still find cheap Salmon occasionally,  but the market eventually went to the high bidder.

We have learned that fresh caught Salmon is seasonal depending on the period when they return from the ocean to mate in the streams of their birth. Pinks, Chubs, Chinooks and the ultimate Sockeyes all migrate at different times.   Massive fishing boats sweep the sea to drag them in as they approach the rivers of the west coast.  So you take what is available when it occurs.

As a result, even here on the coast, you get used to farmed Salmon, traditionally Atlantic Salmon where they dye the feed red to give the pink colour to the flesh that true Salmon eaters desire.

It is Friday evening and I wanted to treat my bride to a good seafood meal.  I sought out and purchased a slab of fresh caught Sockeye Salmon (by the way the best of the best).  Fisherman can still find these in the ocean but they no longer sell at the side of the road  when they sell to upscale markets.

There is no question that fresh Sockeye Salmon heated on the BBQ with just a few slices of lemon is wonderful.  Way beyond the frozen and re thawed versions the rest of the country experiences.

Problem, of course, is the price is higher than filet mignon.  (greedy fishermen) Still a wonderful meal, and one that we can still experience here in Paradise.