After the first year of The Walking Dead, I was convinced by family (well some family) and friends (well one friend) that I was missing great drama.

Started watching half way through season 2 and became a huge fan so recorded every episode.   From day one, there was no way Pat wanted to watch this program with me, so I could not experience the culture of watching it live, watching the talking dead and then emailing to everyone to share my comments and opinions.  The closest I could have come to a teenage girls facebook routine.

Strangely Pat loved the movie Zombieland with Woody Harrelson , Dawn of the Dead by Sarah Polley and even Shaun of the Dead, so it is not a morbid phobia of dead people walking.

So Walking Dead became the program I would watch Monday morning when Pat was at church after I came home from the club.  Loved the writing that developed the individual characters and the adventure that would challenge me about how I would react in that situation.  My favorite characters became Daryl and Glenn, a couple of stand up guys but I learned early that good people die.

Vedran has a crossbow in his basement and I keep wondering if he could use it to survive and protect my daughter.  They do live in the south which is the heart of Zombie land.  I told him to just make it to Vancouver Island and they would be OK.

Season 5 became a bit of a chore to watch.  Finally when Noah, who I had started to like, had his face ripped apart in a particularly graphic scene that I realized Pat was right.  This is just nightmare territory so I cancelled the rest of the series.

While I expect that this will cause some grief from at least 2 of my children, I think it is the correct decision.  Granted I still have Better Call Saul episodes to watch Monday morning (again another program that Pat refuses to watch) so I will survive.