In our valley we have a semi volunteer organization called Mountainare Avian Rescue Society otherwise known as MARS.  They take in injured birds and some animals, bring them back to health and then release them back into the wild.  Noted for the number of Eagles that they have saved.  Mostly a volunteer organization with a tiny staff working out of a facility north of Courtenay.  Maj Birch, the founder and head of MARS, came to make a presentation to our Probus club. MARS depends on donations and corporate sponsors.   Along with her she brought a Saw Whet owl named Sawyer.

These are tiny owls that even fully grown are only about 5 inches high.  Sawyer had been caught by a cat (Cats are evil bird killers) and when MARS got him they had to amputate his right wing so could not be released.  He along with other birds that are too injured to be released, are kept at the facility.

During the half hour presentation Sawyer remained perched on Maj’s hand eyeballing the crowd.  Cutest thing you ever saw.  Needless to say there were lots of donations given by our club and individuals.