We have a home Sonos system that plays music inventoried on the computer.  Think of it as a big IPod only tied into amplifiers that feed ceiling speakers throughout the home.

When we built the house we included speaker wiring and Cat 6 (basically the same as cable) to the various amplifiers in other rooms.

This was long planned before we moved in as we planned to build a huge inventory of music that we could share thru the house. I went on a pursuit of everything I could down load or save to build our files.   Eventually we ended up with about 11,000 music files.

We accepted all inputs from friends, relatives our children and our grandchildren (and some really weird stuff from Pat’s brother Art) .

I then spent many hours editing the music into categories.

These days I doubt if we listen to half of what we have in our inventory.  Occasionally we put on the Pop category in the afternoon but always go to dining music in the evening.

This afternoon, as it was cool, and the Blue Jays were being whiffed, we, well mostly I, decided to put on some of the music from the categories that we never listen to.

Goth, Punk, Grunge and Heavy Metal.  We apparently have a large inventory courtesy of James and certain grandchildren.

We have retained these songs in the event they visit us and want to share their music.

As we listened this evening, Pat and I would occasionally  look at each other and think,  who would listen to this?  Granted there were a few good tunes from Nirvana, Green Day and even one obscure group Clan of Xymox that kept me from trashing all the categories.

I mean it is not like I am paying rent for the computer files, so I will keep them but I will require the donors to one day show up and willow out the bad stuff.  Good luck on that thought.