I was going to title this blog the Vancouver Island Miata Club annual General Meeting.  But I have learned that titles must be carefully selected so they will not be hit by scam artists.

Pat and I drove down to Nanaimo for the annual General Meeting of our Island Miata club.

For those that are not aware, the term Miata refers to the greatest two seater roadster of all time built by Mazda.  The brand Miata was used by Mazda in North America from 1990 until about 2005.  After that they re-branded all the North American roadsters as MX-5 which was the designation they had always used around the rest of the world.  We bought our little Red in 2008 as an MX-5 but still all the clubs in US and Canada refer to them as Miatas.

That is just a bit of a background.  We belong to the Island Miata club and have enjoyed some great events and parties with the members.  But it is an aging club.  Not a lot of new blood although there are hundreds of MX-5 owners on the island.  Unlike the rest of Canada, this is the perfect environment for a convertible roadster.

We were at the general meeting today.  The outgoing President had notified everyone last year that he wanted to pass his role along with all the other positions, secretary, treasurer etc.  Mostly met with the typical down casting of eyes by everyone present. So pretty much the same old gang.

Pat and I watched the meeting and we knew that they need new leadership.  So I volunteered to be the northern Island rep (think of it as the governor of the northern half of Vancouver Island at least as far as the Miata club is concerned)

This is my step to be the President.  A slam dunk if I can organize my constituents.  Watching the Secretary and Treasurer positions, Pat could surpass the current incumbents in a heart beat but first she has to leave her current secretary and treasurer responsibilities.

2016 could have us in charge of everything.  We could rule over the Vancouver Island Miata Club.