It is Thursday evening and Pat is out again for some function.  Honestly I cannot keep track.

If it is not the monthly general meeting of the Alumni group or the CWL or the meeting of the executives (Pat is on the executive of every club she belongs to) or a night for Mahjong she is out many evenings.

Now a suspecting husband may think she may be meeting another man,  but the main reason why I think this is not true is because she wears normal clothes when she goes off…. correct that the main reason is that I believe it is not true is that we have a loving relationship!!!  Plus the hours she spends on the computer preparing presentations.

In any event, on a regular occasion I am left with policing the area after supper and loading the dishwasher which delays my blog.  But there is a good side.

During the day I do not get to watch many of my recorded programs on TV.  I do watch regular stuff on History TV or baseball when in my workshop, but the evenings are for movies or recorded shows.  Problem is that Pat does not necessarily agree to some of the things I record on the machine, so these nights I watch risky stuff.  For instance tonight I will watch Hangover II.

Crazy night…..