We are back from our trip through Europe.  Dozens of ideas about how I should share my memories of this wonderful holiday.

But I want to start with one memory. After our visits to many historical towns in Germany we ended our vacation with a couple of days in Munich.  Everyone loves to visit the old town in Munich, with the beer garden and the town center.  After 3 weeks of visiting medieval towns and cities, the town centre of Munich, while magnificent, was a bit of ho-hum been there.

However there was one thing that  made this different.

Most of the town centers we visited had busker musicians playing for donations.  Violins and guitars and the innumerable gypsies playing 3 chords on an accordion seeking donations.   At least they were earning their keep.

When we walked down the Kaufinger Strasse to the Munich center we heard something different.  Ivan Hajek was playing an accordion at one end of the 2 acre center court and when he plays, even without amplification, his music fills the area with music that you would never attribute to this instrument.  Powerful music that makes all the other buskers in the center pause until he is finished.

I seldom give money to buskers but for his music I donated.  Go on-line and listen to Ivan Hajek’s aggressive accordion music.  The crowds around him were so dense I was not able to buy one of his CDs.  Apparently he has been doing this in Munich for years.

This is not accordion Polka music.