Pat and I were walking the dogs this evening and took a short cut through the gated patio home community near us.  It may be gated but if you are walking dogs you can find the small unlocked gate at the back in the forest.

Walking down one of the narrow lanes we heard music coming from an open garage.  Two older gentlemen (older than Pat and I) sitting in the garage one on a rhythm guitar and the other on a base guitar playing oldies.  We brought the dogs into the garage and introduced ourselves and they asked for requests.  They were big on early Everly brothers and Johnny Cash.  Basically just a couple of guys fooling around but it was obvious this was a regular event for them.

The older guy on the rhythm guitar was blind with sun glasses so I told him he must know Roy Orbison.  They did not know the chords to Pretty Woman immediately but when we sang a bit they remembered and picked up on the song.  They promised to be better the next time we walked by as they play many evenings in the garage in the summer.  We bade them good night and brought the dogs home.

This is just another part of living in paradise.