This last Sunday we hosted a party for about 18 of our friends to celebrate the completion of the model of the Victory.  We had told them to be prepared for wine, beer, cheese and desserts,  ie not a meal but an after dinner party.

We went back to our youth and purchased our supplies accordingly.  Two cases of wine, one red one white… and 2 cases of assorted beer.  A variety of cheeses and a selection of desserts.

The party started indoors and moved out until dark on the patio.  Warm evening.

Back in our youth (mid thirties) these supplies would have just sufficed but with our age group everyone pooped out by 10 pm so we ended up with massive amounts of beer and wine, but a serious hit on the desserts and cheese.

Pat and I are left with lots of bottles of wine and beer, well I expect the beer will be mostly mine.

Great party, everyone had fun, but aside from us, I expect everyone was asleep by 11 (we had clean up duty)

Apparently we will have to adjust our consumption parameters for future parties.