Our Crown Isle course  has added an experience called Soccer Golf  in the evening.  Later in the evening, after the golfers have gone by, they set up some flags and you can play a round of soccer golf.

Two flags are set as the tee.  There is a flag and a hole marker (a plastic ring the size of a garbage can lid) about 150 yards ahead.

The objective is to count the kicks of your soccer ball until it sits on the marker.  The markers are well off the greens so primarily on the fairway.

The 18 hole soccer play is laid out in the first 9 holes of the golf course.  Average 150 yards per soccer golf hole.

You do have to pay for a soccer golf round, but this is not a profit thing for the course, it is intended for the grand parents on the course to have something to do with the grand kids in the evening.

Not that well utilized (not a lot of grand kids visit their grandparents in Paradise these days) but you do see the kids go by in the evening.

Every now and then, I see something special.  A coach of a local kids team (mostly girls under 13)  bringing 6 to 8 of their team players for a reward round.

No real lesson except for the first kick where you try to get a long accurate punt, but thereafter just a scramble of kids trying to get to the scoring ring.  The coach walking along behind in the setting sunshine just taking in the joy of their kids.

Probably a cost for the coach, but I would have loved to been able to do this with some of the teams I coached way back when.