Well we have had quite a weekend preparing for our trip to Calgary.

We are transporting a couple of ship models to our kids.

The Fubbs, which is going to James and Monique, is no big deal (although it is a model with artwork that I will never achieve again)  I am saying no big deal because there are no masts and rigging so relatively compact in packing even within its glass case.

Over the last few years I have been building a model of HMS Victory.  Even at the 1/96 scale this is a big model.  This was ordered 5 years ago by Andra and Sean.

As I was finishing the model I took measurements and thought that there would be no problem to fit it into the back of our Murano.  Problem is that I measured to the fairly small area in the complicated roof area of the back of the SUV.  It would fit in but only in a small area in the area behind the rear seats.

Problem is that we are now driving the models to Calgary with a couple of active dogs in the back seat.

While they are strapped in … I had no desire to have them  suddenly rush into the back and destroy 4 years of work.  I wanted a hard shell case around the Victory.

But the back of the Murano is not like the Windstar which we used years ago to ship a model of this size to it’s destination ( I am referring to the 74 gun Sutherland) It is relatively small.

As Pat and I tried to fit a case into the restricted space in the back of the Murano I realized I needed to build a case that would be assembled in the back.  Careful positioning of side and top pieces in place.  When we arrive I have to disassemble the case in pieces and carefully remove the model without breaking anything.

In the picture you will see the model of the Fubbs in its glass case wrapped in blankets on the left.  The case on the left has the base structured to fit the floor and the top shaped to fit the roof while protecting the masts.  A one of a kind case.

Going to be a stressful drive.  When we arrive Pat and I will have to crouch in the back seat and dismantle the case before we can remove The Victory.

The Fubbs will be easier.