My blog site was a gift from Meagan a few years ago.  Great name Views From Paradise.  I went on to register and own the domain.

Not sure why, but it seemed a logical step as it only costs $15 a year and it would keep my many fans that search for my blog to be diverted to a domain that sold pictures of girls in bikinis taken by a perv with a telescopic sight from his balcony on a cheap condo overlooking a popular beach.

Anyway that was the reason I spent the $15 a year.  As it turns out owning a good domain name has value since everyone is locking up every concept of an interesting name and sitting on it hoping to sell to a corporation or an entrepreneur looking to generate hits and advertising revenue.

My blog was intended for my family and friends and distinguished people interested in reading my opinions on life.  I suspect when I die one of my kids will have all my blogs published and……. it  might sell 12 copies.  The fact that I may one day be published, keeps me going.

Still there might be an earlier reward.  I have had numerous contacts from agents wanting to market my domain site but always if I pay them.  Today I received the first offer from a contact that asked if I was prepared to sell the domain site.  No money, and it might be an agent, but I said NO.

I have loyalty to my many fans.  I would not sell this, well maybe if it allowed me to retire…. wait a minute I am already retired.