My buddy Harry took me fishing today in his new boat.  He docks it in Port Alberni.  He picked me up at 4 am because it is an hour drive to the boat and then 2 hours sailing at 20 knots to his favourite Salmon spot about 30 kilometers out to sea in the Pacific.  It was foggy and overcast so very quickly out of sight of land.

Has to be a great spot because we quickly caught our limit of 10 salmon between the two of us.  Actually caught more but released those less than 2 feet long.

By far the most success I have ever had in fishing.  At one point we each had a fish on line and had to keep them apart and scrambled to help each other with the net.

The one Harry is holding was typical.  About 15 lbs.  A mixture of Coho and Springs.

I still maintain it is cheaper to buy fish at the store.  Harry fueled up his boat when we returned.  $750 in diesel.  However I do see the point that Harry has that catching them is more enjoyable than just buying at SuperStore.


Fishing July 2015