As all of you know, we are dog sitting the Westies of Janine and Vedran.  Lovely dogs but a bit demanding for affection.

I cannot sit on the couch without Jackes mooning away wanting to jump on my lap.  He follows me everywhere including into the bathroom for the morning ablutions.  Jackes sits on the mat outside the shower stall when I have a shower.

Reese does follow Pat but has a more laid back attitude… if you are not going to feed me or pet me, I will go for a nap.

Every time I go out into the backyard Jackes is like Chester jumping around Spike (to get this you would have to have watched cartoons in the 60’s)  He is very excited to be in the back yard with me when all I want to do is read the newspaper on the patio table.  He is crouching and prancing and it finally occurs to me that …he wants me to play.

I pick up a dog toy that looks like a tied rope,  let him sniff it and shake it back and forth and throw it out on the lawn.

Now I know that go-fetch is the fundamental game humans play with dogs.  They even have special handles for the object you throw so you do not get covered in dog slob.  Everything I know is that dogs will go-fetch until the human gives up.  You can spend hours doing this (not that I wanted to).

So I take this rope and let Jackes sniff it and throw it on the lawn and say Go-Fetch…. Jackes takes a couple of steps towards the rope and looks back at me with the look.  “If I go get this and bring it back you will just throw it again, what is the point”.  Then he wanders off to the part of the patio that was in the sun and lays down.

I blame Janine and Vedran for not bringing up our grand dogs right.              What kind of a dog does not Go-Fetch!!!!