While everyone loves the sunny days that we have enjoyed since mid May, it has brought about drought.  The same dry conditions that have produced forest fires throughout the interior and the northern Prairies and may kill off the farms in California.

We came back from our trip to Calgary to see brown lawns and when I played golf yesterday our normally lush course was suffering at the edges.  Major watering restrictions as there was little snow in the mountains last winter.

But it would not be Paradise if there was not some adjustment.  Woke up this morning to light rain and cooler temperatures.  No thunderstorms, no hail, no drenching downpour, no floods and no wind.  Just a light drizzle that lasted all day and will last for a couple of days before returning to sunshine.  Rain so light that golfers can continue and you can walk in it with a hat or umbrella but as you walk you just hear the plants and grass going “Ohhh Yeahhhh, this is nice”  In a couple of days all the landscape will be back to green.

Reminds me of the musical Camelot where the rain only falls in the evening.

In short there is simply not, a more congenial spot… than here in Paradise….