Despite the fact that, while I was what might had been termed a techie in my career, and prided myself in my early adoption of  computer skills, I am finding myself surprised by internet intrusions / discoveries.  I know my kids would say,  Well Dad is OK with the internet, maybe a bit behind the times but after all he does host a BLOG.

My grandchildren would tell you I am from the 20th century.  Now to digress I know people of my generation would say being told you were a 20th century guy would imply being hip and up to date.  But these days this is the equivalent to being described, as we would have said, of those that grew up in the depression and thought the radio was the greatest invention of all time.

Anyway back to my story.

I have been taking some pictures with my IPad.  Not like the thousands of people that point their IPhone or IPad at everything, but selectively.  I do have a good camera which I use for the photos I want to keep, but if I want a snap that I can send to my friends (and NO I do not have a selfie rod) I use the IPad.

Last week, lying in bed, I decided to go through the variety of pictures that I have on my IPad.  I noticed that some of the pictures had a title at the top that listed the location.  I thought, I do not remember putting these location identifiers in but maybe that is part of the GPS feature of the IPad.  Then I thought, wait a minute I did not have WiFi connection when these pictures were taken.

Then the big discovery.  A few months ago I was attempting to use the IPad as a scanner to scan in old photos.  I had experimented with a picture I took 30 years ago with a buddy Larry and his wife in Milan.  This was not a digital photo.  But there at the top was the location that not only listed the city of Milan it listed the piazza where I took the picture.

Stunned, I realized that the IPad was taking every picture and searching the Google to find identifiers to match the location.  Great feature but it means every picture you take on an IPad is in the public domain even if it is taken when you are not connected to anything.

Now for me, not that big a deal, as I only use the IPad for photos that I intend to share with the family.

Still it was another example of me being naive about how public everything is on a mini computer like an IPad.

Good thing I did not use the IPad for pictures of Patty and I dancing nude at sunrise on Haleakala Volcano in Hawaii (not that we would have done that)