We took our MX5 on a drive down to southern Oregon to join the Miata Explore Oregon event.

Like many car clubs, Miata owners love to get together for social parties and a few organized group drives.  Not sure why it is fun to go on a drive with 20 cars in a parade through back wiggly roads, but it is.

On this meeting we choose to join a group that drove from Grants Pass to Crater Lake National park.  We had heard so many great things about this park we had to see it although it was a 2 hour drive each way.  When you arrive at the top edge of the rim of the sunken volcano lake you are stunned by the view.  This is up there with the first time you see the rim of the Grand Canyon.  A 16 mile across lake in the heart of an ancient volcano.  Spectacular views and we were there on a perfect day with brilliant blue skies… but with a problem.  I forgot to bring my camera or my IPad.

Everyone is taking pictures and selfies of this beautiful lake but not me.

The picture attached is borrowed from the internet.  It does not do it justice.  From the road around the rim there is a drop of 700 feet to the lake and the colour of the lake is as blue you see.


Crater Lake