I wrote a family blog (not on the public site) about taking the Westies out to find golf balls on the golf course on our nightly walk.  As it turns out they are useless at finding balls, even cheap ones.  One of the comments I received was that at least Patty seemed interested.  Turns out this is Pat’s Forte.

Every night she snoggles out a ball or two.  And not cheap water rotted balls, but barely used Nike’s and Callaway’s and Titelists.  Every time she squeals with delight when she finds one and is even more adventurous in snuffing into the woody areas.  As I said the dogs are useless on the route but it gives me an excuse to take Pat out around the course where her natural hunting skills come in.

Unfortunately she does not quite keep up with my ability to lose balls when I play.  I expect a little more training and hours on the course with her and I will be able to keep even.