In the Charles Dicken’s book about an orphan named Oliver, probably the most quotable line is when the poor pathetic starving child comes up to the over-fed workhouse wardens with his bowl and says “Please Sir, I want some More”.

Now we follow the food restrictions for Reese and Jackes that Janine and Vedran gave us when they trusted us with them for the summer.

For the most part we have religiously followed these quantity instructions.  With the few exceptions that grandparents or whatever the term is for us, we might offer some special treats to make their visit here memorable.  We justify the extra treats with longer walks and exercise.

Every night we feed them their allocated portions about a half hour before our meal.

Never-the-less as we sit to dine we see the two of them looking up at us with their big black eyes and a pathetic look just saying “Please Masters…we want some More”

We, of course, take the attitude of the workhouse wardens, looking down at our full plates, and just ignore them.  I tease them occasionally with a fork of steak hovered over and return to my mouth, but mainly ignore them.  I suspect this pathetic look at their home gets them some extra food, but not at the grandparents..

Granted we do feed them before our meal because they have sharp teeth and we do have bare legs at the table during the summer.