Whatever genetic fragment I may have from past forefathers that were farmers manifests itself in growing a few tomatoes and some herbs each summer.  We have a perfect spot against the wall of the house facing the southwest.  Protected by a deer fence we produce prodigious quantities of tomatoes from just 3 plants.  Two of the plants produce the miniature tomatoes and the third full size.

Come this time of year we are harvesting more tomatoes than normal people can consume.  Tomato sandwiches, tomato sauces , tomato salads are standard fare.  But one thing we do love is Bruschetta.  This combines our over abundance of small tomatoes and our crop of Basil.  For the next few weeks we will indulge in Bruschetta before every meal and never tire of it.  Bruschetta goes with everything… Pasta meals, BBQ steak, hot dogs even Paella.  Yum