Attached is a picture of the crowsnest for The Mathew.  Particularly proud of this item.  Made up from 19 individual parts.  The assembly was very difficult.  Getting all those vertical pieces to line up as I attached the top was worse than herding 12 cats.  Still I was quite puffed when it was finished.  It took me 2 days but I think it was worth it.

Here comes the interesting part of this picture.  I brought it upstairs to show Pat and take the picture.  Right after taking the picture I was carrying the crowsnest and the camera in one hand over to the den when the camera started to slip from my hand.  In saving the camera I crushed the crowsnest in my hand and it fell to the ground in a dozen pieces.

Pat shrieked but in my new calm attitude on life I just looked down and said “Hmmm I regret doing that”

Fortunately the lessons learned in assembling it the first time meant it only took me an hour to reassemble and replace the broken parts.  Looks as good as new, maybe better.