When we grew up in Saskatchewan there was a summer tradition of  heading to the coulees or the valley to pick Saskatoon berries.  Well it was a tradition for the poor people because the town merchants in Regina could just wait and buy the Saskatoons in quarts from those that went out and needed money.

There was always a cost in picking Saskatoon Berries.  The bushes grew on steep slopes and you could always guarantee that they were protected by hoards of mosquitos.

As a kid, I loved Saskatoon pie but hated the process of picking the berries needed for the dessert.

Here in Paradise we have a different berry plant.  Blackberries.  At this time of year all the rough areas around recently cut forests are covered in Blackberry bushes.  You cannot take a walk on any trail without seeing bushels of Blackberries just waiting to be plucked.

But unlike Saskatoon berries or blueberries, Blackberries to not depend on Mosquitos to keep people away.  They grow on vines covered with thorns that just grab you when you reach into pluck a luscious berry.  Many is the person that heads out to pick a few berries for dessert and comes back with bleeding legs and arms.

Pat and I took the dogs out to an area near the home but armed with berry picking accoutrement.  Long pants and sleeves with a hook made from a clothes hanger so we could pull the branches to us for the plucking.  We ended up with a quart of Blackberries which will make up our dessert for the next few nights.

Worked so well I was thinking Pat and I could augment our retirement funds with a few 8 hour days, but that was rejected.

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