Our new neighbours are Korean, well Canadian but born in South Korea.  Nice couple with 2 kids at home and a huge dog named Typhoon.

We have invited them over for drinks and have exchanged lots of conversations over the fence.  One evening they brought us some Korean melons (Chamoe) that I have occasionally seen at the store but never had the nerve to try.  Delicious with a flavour sort of a combination of apple and cucumber.  In turn we have given them some of our abundant crop of fresh tomatoes.

The other night Pat and I were watching TV when I smelled a fragrant smoke coming in the open windows.  I went out to investigate and peeked over the fence to see that Bill was firing up his wood BBQ.  He has a typical gas BBQ but also a kettle where he was burning some kind of hard wood.  Later the fragrance of divine  BBQ floated in.  Well after supper for us but still made the juices flow.

The next morning they brought over a plate of the Korean BBQ pork that Bill had prepared the night before.  Apparently they had noticed me peeking over the fence and were concerned that we were bothered by the fragrance.  I had a piece for lunch and Pat had the second portion for dinner.  Absolutely wonderful.

Southern American states think they have the lock on great BBQ pork, but I will tell you Korean BBQ pork can be even better.

When I brought the clean plate back I assured them that we will never be offended when they Barbeque (which hopefully gets more samples for us).