Blaine phoned me last week and suggested he travel over to the Island for a few days and maybe we could fit in a couple of rounds of golf.

I always love to spend time with my brother.  He was one of the two groomsmen at our wedding and I cannot remember ever fighting or arguing with him since 1969.  Prior to that when we were youngsters, we had lots of physical contests which because I was older and much bigger I always won.  But that is just background.

Over the years I love to play golf with Blaine.  He is a good player but does not know a single golf joke and that is a fundamental part of the group dynamic of golf guys while waiting for the foursome ahead of you to move on so you can tee off.

Before we started, Blaine mentioned that he had only played one round of golf this year and that was in May, because of their extended vacation.  I thought…OK maybe for the first time I can beat him because I have had at least 15 rounds this summer and we are playing on my home course.

Alas, Blaine shot 84 and I shot 98.  And that was with no mulligans or do-overs.  I was happy with my score but was just as thrilled with his.

He is shorter than I am, has much less hair on his head and cannot tell a joke to save his life, but apparently a much better natural golfer.

Regardless I would play a thousand rounds with him.