We are nearing the end of our life with the Westies.  Days where we take them for a walk in some forest trail and evenings after supper where we walk the golf course where they can occasionally chase rabbits and help us look for lost golf balls.

I put up a little fence on each side of the house to keep the dogs in the back yard.  This was required because they would run around into the front yard and chase old people walking the street.

Seemed to work so we began to trust them that they would stay in the back yard.  It was a common sight to observe a group of golfers come by and the pups would run to the hedge and put their front legs up and bark at the golfers.  Kind of humorous.  But we always knew that if a rabbit was spotted they would run around the hedge and chase onto the golf course.

Despite lots of yelling and frowns that told them that we were very disappointed with them, it did not cure the problem. However in the last month they seemed much better and seldom left the back yard when we let them out for their numerous dilibations.  And believe me these dogs need lots of dilibations.

In the evening on our golf course they have added the opportunity for people to play soccer golf around the course after most players have gone by.  Not a huge success financially for the course but on certain evenings there are soccer coaches bringing their teams around on a fun training exercise.  I would have loved to have had this opportunity with my teams when I was coaching.

Early last evening after supper, while I was temporarily down in the basement, Pat let the dogs out for their dilibations.  As it happened a group of 6 year old kids came by kicking mini soccer balls.  The dogs ran around the hedge and proceeded to chase the girls around in circles while they screamed.  Pat tells me that it was as if the dogs had seen a field of rabbits and chased them all.  Pat  also chasing the dogs around trying to get them to come back to her.  I expect the dogs just thought this was a bit of fun. I wish I had seen it but did get an earful when I came up.

Fortunately the mutts never caught any of the girls and the coach gave Pat a horrible glare.  I came up and put them on long leashes which they realize is some sort of punishment but not sure if they connect the penalty to the action.  It would be nice if they spoke English.  I told them that I was very disappointed in them which was a term that my brother and I would bow our heads to when we were kids, but not sure if it had the same effect.

Still this will be a humourous story to share with their parents when we next get together.