Last spring we imported two West Highland Terriers to live with us for the summer. They would stay with us for the season with the objective of ridding our yard from an infestation of rabbits.

Somehow in the last 2 years we have gone from a rare sight of a rabbit to dozens.  They swarm up and down the golf course.

Observing the varieties, you realize that these are pets released when the little bunnies got to big.  We had distinct white and black and red rabbits running around but now after a couple of years we have hoards of mottled beige.

We thought that the local deer were horrible on our plants but now we have hundreds of wascally wabbits.  Hence the decision to import a couple of West Highland Terriers to our home.  They are bred to chase and kill rabbits and other rodents.  Their purpose in life.

Unfortunately we went on the discount and apparently acquired a couple of senior citizen Westies.  Good at spotting rabbits, good chasing for 100 meters but never any closure.  Lets face it you do not want the equivalent of 70 year old dogs to do the job of teenagers.

Now I partially blame my wife for this.  She insists on feeding the Westies every evening.  I think that a couple of starvation days would make them chase to the kill on the rabbits.

Still they have proven to be valuable on protecting us from the evil golfers that go by on the golf course.  They can be sleeping in the living room when some golfers go by on the Par 3 behind us and they go crazy attacking the window.  If we are in the backyard they rush up to the small hedge, put their front paws up on the hedge and bark to send these evil golfers from approaching.  When a golfer does hit a ball near our back hedge, they may jump the hedge and send him on his way.

I cannot tell you how this had given me a feeling of security.

In the afternoon when I am down in the workshop, and the bride is wandering around the living room with full visibility to the golfers going by, and let us face it sometimes the golfers have had a few drinks, and they see this attractive lady, I have been concerned about her being possibly threatened.  Fortunately with the Westies this never could happen.  They bark at every group that goes by and if any evil golfers came towards the house, the barking would become so intense I would rush up from the basement.  Good doggies.

We have two more days with them.  Not sure how we are going to keep ourselves safe from golfers after we return them.