Pat and I had a pretty nice day yesterday.

Clear blue skies so we were able to drive topless down to Nanaimo to join our Miata club for a summer ending BBQ.  I ended up on the actual BBQ cooking up 40 hamburgers and 2 dozen hotdogs while Pat pre made salad and fixins.  Great time with our Miata friends but as a result of our early work we were able to slip off before all the cleanup.

We headed off in Nanaimo to a big theater to watch Everest on a big screen in 3D.  Much better than the local theater.  Fabulous movie.

Out of the show at 6:30 with the sun just setting so we drove home with the top down on the coastal road.  As we were driving we noticed hundreds of people lining up on the beaches and realized this was the night for the golden full moon lunar eclipse.  This started over our right shoulder as we were driving along the ocean and we arrived home to see the red moon in all its glory.

Could not spend that much time observing this once in a lifetime view as we had to go in and watch the delayed recording of the Blue Jay game…. where they won… and the recording of the Saskatchewan Rider game… where they also won.

A memorable Sunday.