This last summer the evening tradition was to take the Westies for a walk on the golf course.  Once we were away on hole 6 we could take them off the leash and let them run free.  They chased each other and scooted back and forth and then would ramble along with us.

One of the things they liked to do was nose into the grass and reeds along the ponds.  We followed and started to find golf balls.


This became part of the adventure.  Walk the dogs and search for golf balls.  Always had an excuse when we were met by others…”we are just walking the dogs”.  A very superficial claim because it was obvious many other dog walkers were also picking up balls.

Still by the last few weeks with the Westies it was a rare evening when we did not pick up a dozen balls.  Always with the justification that we stumbled on them while walking the dogs.

Since they went home we have not been on our evening walks.  Major reason is that the Blue Jay games are on but there has been some rain.

Tonight the Jays were rained out in Baltimore and we had a quick dinner and the weather is perfect, so we decided to replicate one of our many walks around the course.  Could not ignore the urge to find golf balls.  It is as if we were children looking for pirate treasure.  But this time I was feeling guilty because we did not have the excuse ..well we are just walking the dogs.

Found another dozen tonight, mainly Callaways and Titleists.  No one on the course to see us, so no reason to feel guilty, but it was nice to have the walking dogs excuse.

Granted I have donated as many golf balls to this course as we have found so morally I am OK.  Pat, on the other hand, just loves the hunt.  Like finding Easter eggs.

With the early darkness, this might be our last evening out.   Pat is thinking we get night lights and go out every night and she does not even golf.