Tonight the Blue Jays won the pennant as the top team in the American League East.  The last time they did this was in 1993 when we were living in Oakville.

Pat and I are Major Jay Fans.  Well I am a Major Fan… Pat is a Super Major Jay fan.

All summer long we watch almost all the games on TV.    When we lived in Oakville we watched the games in the evening and regularly bought tickets but with kids and soccer practice we did our best.

When we retired out here we have occasionally followed them to games when they travelled west.  Great thing is that most televised games start at 4pm  and it is a rare game where we do not watch.

Now I mention that I am a major fan but Pat is a super Major fan.  Difference is that over the years if the Jays are losing by 5 runs in the later innings I will go off and do something else, Pat will watch to the end of the ninth with true fan hope that they will come back.  She refers to me these evenings as a fair weather fan… and she may well be right.

This summer, after the all star break, there was no instance of abandoning a game.  They have been the best since we watched them in the early nineties.  Tonight they won the pennant and we know they are going all the way.

Having said that we are true fans,  apparently Andra was the only one to actually put money on the table in Las Vegas for the Jays to win the Series.  So she joins us as a real fan.