Pat and I went to spend a brief holiday with our friends Wayne and Terry.  I say brief because despite the fact that we can almost see their house on the mainland from the coast nearby, it takes almost 8 hours of various ferries and driving to get there.  From their deck you can see the lights of Nanaimo and the highway heading north to Courtenay.

Anyway, while we were visiting the subject came up about the Game of Thrones series on TV/Cable.

I admitted that I had read the first of the books and felt an abhorrence to the… well I guess you could say.. the deflowering of 13 year old girls that was a key part of the story.  As a father of 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters, this bothered me so much I did not continue reading the books and had no interest in the TV series.

Somehow they convinced us to watch the first two episodes, and they were pretty fascinating.  So much so, we came home with the DVD series of the first year.

Strange how your morals become insensitive as more and more violence and depravity becomes normal fare on TV.    Still, pretty good cinematography.