Fall and winter are on us on so The Bride is starting off with her many nights out.

Through the summer we spent the evenings after supper walking the dogs and watching taped TV movies together.  True relationship time.

Now it is the fall and Pat is off on her many evening adventures.

Tonight she is attending the monthly CWL general meeting where she remains the person presenting the financial reports and runs the computer projector for the other speakers….  or so she claims.  Granted she did leave with a big briefcase and our laptop which she spent the afternoon on preparing a spreadsheet, and she was not particularly fancy dressed, but for all I know she has a fancy outfit in her briefcase and is off to meet a guy.   Tomorrow night she is off playing cards with some other ladies.

I wanted to take her to see the movie The Martian this week and she had to check her calendar to fit me in.

All I know is that tonight I had to prepare the supper (a Thai Chicken stir fry), police the area and load the dishwasher.  It is 6:30 and I have the house to myself.  Even if I had the inclination to meet a single lady to spend these lonely evenings with, they all belong to the various clubs with Pat and there is no way I could get away with it.

Maybe I will slip on some tidy whities and dance to Old Time Rock and Roll.

Or maybe I will just watch a movie.