It is the time of year where Pat is involved with the annual Christ the King parish (Comox Valley) Catholic Women’s League  (CWL)  fall bazaar.
This is where the many women in the CWL donate things and have a sale in the church hall to raise funds for the following year.

Think of a flea market, attic treasures,  knitting and needle point, a book sale and lots of baking with a tea lunch and a silent auction for whatever can be donated.

For some reason they make many thousands of dollars each year (granted as I have written in the past lots of it is Mabel selling to Mildred.

Pat is the treasurer and must be in a locked room where they bring in the cash for counting.  Think of the lock up cash room at a casino.

This is an all day commitment for 3 days.  I had pre arranged that if I really needed her during this time I could get into her secure room.

I would tell you the secret knock code…. but this is a public blog.

So this afternoon Pat was calling me from her lockup to see what the Jays were doing (that is another blog).  I awaited her coming home to tell her the bad news.

But over supper I love to hear her stories of the bazaar.  Ladies that donate paintings they think should sell for $100s and go for $10.  Ladies that spend hours on jams and preserves only to see them sell for less than cost of the ingredients.  But that is the norm for a social benefit at the church, and to be expected.

What was unusual were the two people that showed up with only $100 bills to buy stuff where the average price was $0.25.  Who, outside of drug dealers, walks around with $100 bills.

Fortunately Pat had the cash but they had to get into the secret cash room.

I wonder if this is not a set up.  Tomorrow is Sunday and maybe I take my Brett Lawrie baseball bat and sit in the cash room tomorrow morning to protect the bride.