Almost 35 years ago, when we were living in Calgary, I discovered that was then, and remains today, my favourite TV program.  This Old House on PBS.

I loved it so much at the time that when the local PBS station was fund raising I sent money and to this day have a Measure Twice, Cut Once coffee mug that I think cost me $50.  In those days the host was Bob Villa but they have gone through many since then.  They take older houses and repair, replace or just upgrade.

I love this program.  It has grown to include Ask This Old House and New Yankee Workshop but This Old House remains my go-to TV program.  From this program I have learned to understand PEX water systems and tankless water heaters which we agreed to include in our new home.

Unfortunately the local PBS station in Seattle no longer carries This Old House.  I have been going through withdrawal.

But recently I discovered that the Apple TV device that we bought (so we could watch You Tube videos on the main TV) could be connected to our IPad and I could download full episodes from the past for This Old House from the internet.

I have been sneaking these programs in while Pat was busy elsewhere, but she spotted one show under way, joined me and said this we must share.  While she prefers the room design aspects while I like the technical framing details we seem to enjoy the programs.

Regardless, there is not a wife in 10,000 that would share enthusiasm for This Old House episodes with her husband.  …. A perfect wife….