I have finished the model of The Mathew.

Now this is a significant event in my life when I declare a model complete.  A fundamental step when I take down the plans and drawings from the wall in my workshop and roll them up.

Yesterday I was completing the ratlines when I realized that this was the end.

I have to admit that this is probably the best set of ratlines I have ever done.  Fine lines to scale with tiny knots that look like the real thing.

But when I finished the last set, I realized I was finished.  Granted there were a few details like the mounting of the anchors, and ordering a name plate. but I was done.

For the first time in many years I do not have a next project under way.

When I started The Mathew I was still working on The Victory and before that The Juno keel was laid when I was still on the rigging.

Today I had this shock that I do not have a new model in the works.  Granted I have some projects like refinishing Monique’s birdhouse, etc. but where is my future life???

Anyway here are a couple of pictures.  As I have realized, photos do not capture the beauty of my models.  I know Ryan and Corrie will appreciate this.