Apparently I have no future running for politics.  As I have pointed out in an earlier blog, with all the detailed study of internet activity I suspect no one can have a clean history.

While there are no videos of me peeing into a client’s cup that I am aware of (although there were a couple of sales calls I made where this might have been very nice) an in-depth review of my internet messages over the years could lead to a problem.

First the good part, there are no pedophile activities and any searches I may have done in the past for pictures of naked people, they were always of women over the age of 18, and of course I never did that.

But there are three major reasons why I cannot run for office

  1.  A search of my blogs and emails may represent me as a major misogynist.  For example my earlier blog about my perfect wife defined perfect as a woman that would watch my TV programs and then there are the many references in my blogs about me writing a blog while the wife did wifely clean up duties.  I can expect this  alone would lose me the female vote immediately.
  2. I suspect I would be goaded into tirade opinions in the live debates.  While I would love the opportunity to tell everyone what is right, it may not always work out.
  3. It is no use running for office on Vancouver Island because all they vote for is NDP

So I suspect my future will remain the best model ship builder in the Valley.