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My Recovery and Driving a Car

I am feeling great.  Still some sensitivity if I press on my chest because, let’s face it, there was some major splitting of the breastbone and peeling me open like a flower, but that is manageable.

I am walking 5 km a day (despite the arctic air temp)  with no problem.  On Monday I am hoping to get clearance from my doctor to start working out at my fitness center (under the expensive guidance of a qualified cardio fitness instructor).

But one of the restrictions that bugs me is that I am not allowed to drive.  So Little Red has sat in the garage since Andra visited and took it for a drive.

We came back from shopping today and I said I have to take Little Red out for a warm up and recharge the batteries.  I thought no big deal.. but Pat stood there when I backed it out and glared at me.  I drove it up and down the driveway under her supervision for several minutes and then parked it.  I cannot conceive of the punishment I would have received if I had taken it around the block (which was my intent).  According to Pat .. Rules are Rules.

It was like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.  “I’m a very good driver… dad let me drive the car up and down the driveway”

I am prepared to bribe the Doctor on Monday to release me from this situation.  This is the longest I have gone without driving since I was 16.


The Diana

I have started my next model.  Well not actually today I have been the last 2 weeks in drawings and prep work, but the traditional start is the laying of the Keel.  I am building The Diana one of the more successful Frigates of the period 1780 to 1820.  Similar but from a different class than the Juno which is in my collection.

Attached is the keel with the head piece and tail.  You may wonder what that big block of wood is at the stern but that is what is known as deadwood.   This is there because I have decided I am going to make a museum display version which will not have rigging and will have Admiralty framing.  This is open framing that has little to do with the actual framing but exposes the shape of the body.  It takes 2 -3 times as long as normal framing but it is a way for a model builder to show off.  To give you an idea I include a picture of the Fubbs which was also made in the Admiralty style.

This should keep me busy for a few years.

The Keel




Spoiled Baby

I wonder how long I am going to be able to retain this spoiled baby routine with The Wife.  While we have gone past the holding a door for me and tucking me in at night with a kiss on the forehead, I am still receiving the Royal treatment.  Oh don’t worry about picking that up… don’t worry about dishes… let me help you with your shoes and the famous … why don’t you sit and watch one of your programs while I clean up.

Granted I do feel faint and it might take many months…  I pity single guys.


Boys Night Out

Last night I went out for dinner with a group of friends.

Pat belongs to an Alumni group of ladies and every third Thursday they have an evening of chatter and pot luck and whatever.  So one of the husbands decided months ago to form a club of the husbands left at home and we have a boys night out for dinner.  Keeps it restricted to about 8 – 1o guys.

Last night I was picked up by the host and we went to a Greek restaurant for some food, conversation and wine.

Now I was thinking my special presence as a guy three weeks from open heart surgery would be the center of attention.  I was looking forward to showing my scar.

Problem is when you go out with a bunch of guys my age or slightly older my condition was not that spectacular.  The table conversation immediately switched to everyone’s operations.  Bypass surgery, Gall bladders, pacemakers and hernia operations etc.  While there were brief comments about how good I looked there was no Pitty Party.  I was drowned out by one fellow showing how his nose had to be replaced after cancer operation.  I finally won one point with a friend named Bruce sitting next to me who had 3 hernia operations that at least I could show my scar in public.

Great night out.  Moussaka and 2 glasses of wine and a group of friends.  I am recovering.

Recovery Time

I know that I have not been loyal to my many fans on my blog.   In the past I have allowed you to live vicariously as an exciting retired guy in Paradise.

But unfortunately, life in the recovery lane is boring.  The only thing I could report is that I have become fixated with the Soap Opera TV program Scandal that we access to on Netflix.  I missed 3 seasons so I have my mornings full watching episode after episode.   I am still refusing to watch the Walking Dead because it reminds me too much of how I walk around the house and the scenes where they rip open the chest just brings back bad memories.

However I am progressing and I expect my life will return to the exciting bon vivant style that all of you want to hear about.

Life As An Old Man

In one week I went from an active Junior Senior to an old man. I have all the signs.

I walk slightly hunched over in small steps at a slow pace to keep from panting.  My arms at the side never bending or reaching out.  I need help pulling on my pants and shirt and socks.  I grumble a lot even at those of the family that help with everything.  I take joy in a good bowel movement.  Once I have swallowed my huge allotment of pills I am no longer hungry.  I sleep in my reclining chair. I need help getting in and out of the car. etc

Honestly it is pathetic.

Fortunately when we had this house built we planned for this stage.  We live on one level with no stairs or steps to the door.   A walk-in shower with room for a chair and grab bars. We even have a seniors height toilet seat in the master bath which is 2 inches higher than normal.  Now that last one is actually a benefit when you cannot use your arms to swing up.

I expect this will pass and by the end of the year I will be back to a spry senior.  I consider this as a trial run to make sure we have our home ready for real old age.