In one week I went from an active Junior Senior to an old man. I have all the signs.

I walk slightly hunched over in small steps at a slow pace to keep from panting.  My arms at the side never bending or reaching out.  I need help pulling on my pants and shirt and socks.  I grumble a lot even at those of the family that help with everything.  I take joy in a good bowel movement.  Once I have swallowed my huge allotment of pills I am no longer hungry.  I sleep in my reclining chair. I need help getting in and out of the car. etc

Honestly it is pathetic.

Fortunately when we had this house built we planned for this stage.  We live on one level with no stairs or steps to the door.   A walk-in shower with room for a chair and grab bars. We even have a seniors height toilet seat in the master bath which is 2 inches higher than normal.  Now that last one is actually a benefit when you cannot use your arms to swing up.

I expect this will pass and by the end of the year I will be back to a spry senior.  I consider this as a trial run to make sure we have our home ready for real old age.