Last night I went out for dinner with a group of friends.

Pat belongs to an Alumni group of ladies and every third Thursday they have an evening of chatter and pot luck and whatever.  So one of the husbands decided months ago to form a club of the husbands left at home and we have a boys night out for dinner.  Keeps it restricted to about 8 – 1o guys.

Last night I was picked up by the host and we went to a Greek restaurant for some food, conversation and wine.

Now I was thinking my special presence as a guy three weeks from open heart surgery would be the center of attention.  I was looking forward to showing my scar.

Problem is when you go out with a bunch of guys my age or slightly older my condition was not that spectacular.  The table conversation immediately switched to everyone’s operations.  Bypass surgery, Gall bladders, pacemakers and hernia operations etc.  While there were brief comments about how good I looked there was no Pitty Party.  I was drowned out by one fellow showing how his nose had to be replaced after cancer operation.  I finally won one point with a friend named Bruce sitting next to me who had 3 hernia operations that at least I could show my scar in public.

Great night out.  Moussaka and 2 glasses of wine and a group of friends.  I am recovering.