I have started my next model.  Well not actually today I have been the last 2 weeks in drawings and prep work, but the traditional start is the laying of the Keel.  I am building The Diana one of the more successful Frigates of the period 1780 to 1820.  Similar but from a different class than the Juno which is in my collection.

Attached is the keel with the head piece and tail.  You may wonder what that big block of wood is at the stern but that is what is known as deadwood.   This is there because I have decided I am going to make a museum display version which will not have rigging and will have Admiralty framing.  This is open framing that has little to do with the actual framing but exposes the shape of the body.  It takes 2 -3 times as long as normal framing but it is a way for a model builder to show off.  To give you an idea I include a picture of the Fubbs which was also made in the Admiralty style.

This should keep me busy for a few years.

The Keel