Pat is off again for another dinner without me.  This time it is the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) Christmas dinner.  To be truthful she did invite me to join her, and as much as I love a full Turkey meal, me and 80 CWL ladies for an evening, just shudder.

I understand this is the position taken by most of the husbands of the ladies of CWL  that Pat has talked to over the last few weeks.  All husbands are invited, but no one goes.  For all I know they have Chippendales perform and none of the ladies feel guilty BECAUSE THEY DID INVITE THE HUSBANDS.

So I am home alone and prepared a man’s meal.  A small steak (I really mean it a strip loin half the size that I used to eat) a baked potato, fried onions and mushrooms with the required side salad.

Consumed the meal by myself while listening to Christmas music.  Great steak.  Now I get to watch the movie ZULU that Pat says “oh we have seen that too many times”

Still I do like turkey, and who knows I might have enjoyed the dance routine.