Pat and I joined our Probus group for our Christmas party at a local spot.  One of the few times a year where you dress up in your fancy clothes and join friends for a great dinner and dancing.  I say few because we are now down to 2-3 nights a year (and this year only one).

This does not mean we lack a social life.  We go to lots of parties,  it is just that the formal dining and dance nights are gone.  And I like dancing.

So there we were at a party with 80 people where we knew the first names of 40 of them and at least recognized the rest which leads to lots of mingling and conversations.  A wonderful evening with a nice local live group that played the oldies.  Not a Justin Bieber song the entire evening.

Everyone was saying how much they were enjoying the event and we should do this more often but who will organize it?   Need to get the grandchildren married so we can attend weddings.