Our golf course does an event every year to raise money for charity.  They invite local companies and artists to make gingerbread houses.  They put them on display inviting bids in the lobby for a couple of weeks culminating in the Crown Isle residents’ party.  Over the years these have grown into very elaborate displays that can draw bids in the hundreds.

I was walking through on the first day picking up my paper when I noticed a delightful presentation based on the movie UP.  I put in a token bid but was quickly outbid.  Then they contacted me to tell me that the people that bid after me did not put in phone numbers or contacts so I was successful.

It is just delightful.  The detail and the imagination I could not hope to do myself.  All made of icing sugar, ginger bread, jelly beans and candy.  The little figure of Carl is proof that it was an artist that did this.  If you look at the front of the house you will even see the garden hose on its candy reel that is an important detail in the movie.

Now sure what we are going to do with it after the holidays but for now it is a key part of our living room Christmas display.