It is the third day after Christmas and we decided to do something different with the leftover Turkey.

We made a Japanese soup with Udon noodles, Shiitake mushrooms, ginger, sliced turkey and veggies utilizing the stock that we carefully boiled down from the carcass yesterday.

A little Edamame to start and it was a good light meal to offset all the over indulgence of the last few meals.  Problem with all Japanese meals is that it can be a trifle bland until you add little Korean  hot chili sauce (which I learned in my many trips to Japan is the basic solution that all Japanese families use) .  Pat choose a little Teriyaki.

I am just trying to imagine if Mother had tried this meal on the third day after Christmas for my father when I was a kid.  Who knows he might have liked it but this was just not available.

Tomorrow Kung Pao Turkey for dinner……. That should use it up.