I was given this blog site as a gift from Meagan.  She knew I had opinions and views that everyone would appreciate.  Heaven knows she heard them around the dinner table at night.

So I shared my insights on life in a public forum.  Not like a facebook, more of an intellectual exercise.

At the end of 2014 I received notice that my blog had been hit on so many times that there was a chance that there might be advertising potential.  Not sure if the money would come to me but maybe my annual fee might be waived.

Unfortunately my 2015 results came in.  While I am getting great response from my family, my decision to make my titles less exciting has hurt my global audience.  Turns out that of the about 70 posts I presented to the world this year, the highest response was to a minor one I did, in I think March, called Ukrainian Specialties.  Apparently I had 1500 hits on that.

I thank my loyal blog fans for their following support and I will try to do better next year.  Maybe a blog on a hike we might do with the kids titled Naked Nymphs on the River, where we go to Nymph falls.