Pat and I enjoyed a great pork vindaloo for supper tonight.  A milder version than you might have at a restaurant, but still picante.

When I was out and about for meals in business and we would occasionally have Indian meals, I would order Pork Vindaloo and ask who knew where that dish came from. No one knew.

Granted most Canadians do not have a clue about Indian food.  What most of us in North America consider as Indian food is actually from Pakistan if it has meat.  That is the version that the British Raj preferred when they were in charge.  I have had meals traditional to southern India and Sri Lanka and they are entirely different than anything we are served at Indian Restuarants.

In any case when I ordered Pork Vindaloo I would tell the story.  First of all it is pork so no Muslim or Hindu would eat it.  So it came from Goa a small Portuguese colony on the west coast of India.  I expect they raised and ate pork just to prove they were different as Goans were Christians in a land of … others.

Granted this in the category of trivia where my family would say.. Dad just eat do not talk… but it is true.

And our Pork Vindaloo was wonderful with Naan and rice.