Our Probus club has a singing group that gets together once a month at someone’s house and they sing about 15 songs.  A popular group with 15 – 20 members showing up but generally avoided like the plague by the male members of the club so it is primarily a Ladies Singing Group.  I had agreed to attend the December group meeting where carols were sung as a support for my buddy Harry, the husband of the hostess for the evening.  A couple of his friends were urged to attend to insure Harry was not the only man there.

As it turns out it was a nice evening with all the old carols from our childhood, but my buddy Harry ducked out by claiming important business in Saskatchewan.  As it happens I made a few little trivia comments on a couple of the numbers we were singing (such as the history of Jingle-Bells) .  Minor comments that I thought were appropriate.

Well no good deed goes unpunished and the organizer of the group thought this was so nice she ordered me to prepare trivia on the song list for the January get together which of course meant I had to attend.  The songs were a collection by Creedance Clearwater Revival, Gord Lightfoot, Elvis and Fats Domino.  So I dutifully prepared some brief background trivia or humorous tidbits on each song.  For example the CCR song “Down on the Corner” as about a group called Willy and the Poor boys who play for nickels and dimes on street corners.  When CCR performed on the Ed Sullivan Show at their request they were introduced and played as Willy and the Poor Boys.

Apparently my tidbits went over very well and all the ladies demanded I continue to prepare these and be a regular at the ladies singing group.

Pat tells me that it is my own fault and I should learn to keep my comments to myself.