In 1251 Pope Innocent IV demanded that all good Catholics should only eat fish on Fridays.  Modern investigative studies reveal that he was paid a huge payment from the fish monger’s society.

Regardless this tradition has continued for centuries long after the fishermen ceased annual payments to the papal estate.

I married a good Catholic and Mackerel Snapper Friday nights were just what we did.  Long after the church said (I expect because they finally realized they were not getting payments from the fish industry) that you did not have to eat fish on Fridays, Pat and I still follow this tradition.

Actually not that bad a thing.  It is so easy to get into dining habits that we have to remember that at least once a week we should have seafood.

Granted it might be oysters or Bouillabaisse or smoked Salmon pasta ( Which I am sure Innocent IV did not have) but we try to keep to our tradition.

Today I received some bottles of specialty hot sauce (a gift from Janine to me for my birthday) so we decided to make Fish Tacos.  Bought some tacos, took some frozen fish sticks from our inventory and had a meal.  The Habanero sauce was wonderful along with the other accoutrements.

A good Fish Friday meal.