As the kids will tell you, I have spent a lifetime (as a protestant) referring to Catholics as Mackerel Snappers.  Furthermore we have generally tried to save Friday nights for seafood (which I refer to as Mackerel Snapper Night).  Despite this reference, we have never cooked Mackerel in our 47 years together, until tonight.

Our local Thrifty grocery store (which by the way is not thrifty but we could actually walk to if needed) has a great seafood section.  Fresh Salmon, Halibut, shrimps, oysters and Cod are the norm with Trout from the interior of BC.  The benefit of living on an Island off the west coast.

This week I was doing the daily shopping and passed by when the monger pointed out to me that he had just brought out some fresh Mackerel to display on a bed of ice.  I thought, what the heck… let’s try it (actually I asked Pat’s permission first)  Life is an adventure.

A whole mackerel (see pic) gutted.  I figured the normal BBQ with lemon inserts.  Went on the internet and it warned to make sure the gills are removed and never eat the head.  I checked and while it was gutted the gills were still there.  Apparently Mackerel gills are toxic and must be removed.  Never had that with salmon.  I cut out the gills and then to be safe cut off the head.

I cooked it on the BBQ outside because it was apparent in the preparation that Mackerel smells….fishy.  Good thing.

We served it with a wild rice medley, corn, sweet potato.   The fish tasted OK but not spectacular.  I would eat a Salmon any day before I would eat another Mackerel.

But at least I can now honestly refer to Friday night as Mackerel Snapping night.