As Pat and I prepare to watch the Oscars on TV (for the first time not in a group party just the two of us) I realize how times have changed.  As I look through the list of nominees I realize Pat and I have only gone to the theatre to see one of the movies.  The Martian (great movie) up for many awards.  We did see Bridge of Spies (up for a music award) but we rented that.

Actually did not see a lot of movies at the theatre and those we saw did not make the cut.  This has much changed since when we were young where we would have seen most of the movies back at a time where going to the movies was a weekly event.  Granted I am married and no longer have to take a girl out to …. ah ah ah  enjoy her company.

It is not as if we do not like movies but it is so much easier (and cheaper) to wait a year and watch on Netflix.